Born and raised in the northern city of Corrientes, Argentina, Julian Hernandez started a solo career at the young age of 14. After years of self-taught songwriting and guitar playing, and saving lunch money to record his first two albums, he moved to Buenos Aires to seek bigger opportunities. 

There he began to build both his presence in the city and his presence online, gaining thousands of passionate followers who believed in his music and in him, allowing him to tour the country earlier this year in celebration of his latest album release, Fuera de Casa. 

His latest singles Dame la Mano and Hablar Menos (as well as their accompanying music videos) received a tsunami of praise from fans nationally, applauding the raw and heartfelt lyrics, impressive vocal range, and skillful instrumentation and production.

Despite forming the duet with Katrina, Julian continues strong with his solo career, including frequent vlogs on his Youtube channel.